DATA REPORT: Super Bowl Ad Costs Over the Years

Advertisers spend a great deal of imagination, energy, and a whole lot of money to make these commercials "must-see TV". The SQAD Data Team looked at how much they have been paying, on average, over the years.

DATA REPORT: NFL & NBA Year-Over-Year Ad Cost Analysis

The SQAD Data Team ran comparisons of this year's ad costs (so far) against last year's to see how the seasons stack up. Check out our data.

DATA REPORT: Impact of NBC Prime Pods on Advertising Revenue

DATA REPORT: “The Big Bang Theory” Says Goodbye – A Historical Ad Cost Trend Analysis

As "Big Bang" fans mentally prepare themselves for the last season the SQAD Data Team jumped into the ad cost database to analyze the show's ad cost trends.

DATA REPORT: “Last Man Standing” Reboot on Fox

In advance of its reboot on Fox, the SQAD Data Team analyzed "Last Man Standing" during its last season on ABC and the competition it will be up against this season.

DATA REPORT: Cable News Networks, January-June 2018

The shifting political climate plays a major role in the viewership of major cable news networks. The SQAD Data Team pulled scatter costs from the MediaCosts: National database for CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC...

DATA REPORT: 2018 Summer Program Premieres

The summer means it’s time to hit the beach, eat way too much ice cream, and of course, indulge in our guilty-pleasure TV shows. The SQAD Data Team looked into the ad costs for the premiere episodes of some of this season’s biggest premiers, and discovered some interesting insights.

DATA REPORT: NBA Finals 5-Year Cost Trend Analysis

In the midst of all the viewing parties and excitement, the SQAD Data Team took a dive into the upfront data for the NBA Final Games to analyze cost trends from the past several years.

DATA REPORT: Ad Cost Trends for “Roseanne” Reboot

The SQAD Data Team pulled numbers from our MediaCosts: National data to show trends related to advertiser engagement around "Roseanne".

COST REPORT: The Impact of Upfronts on Networks

The SQAD Data Team jumped into our numbers to show recent examples that illustrate both the positive and negative effects of Upfronts on a network.