Here’s How Much It Costs to Advertise in This Year’s NBA Finals

Purchasing an ad for Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals wasn’t cheap. The high ad rate was $829,577, with a low rate of $690,909. That’s an upfront unit cost of $760,243.

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DATA REPORT: NBA Finals 5-Year Cost Trend Analysis

In the midst of all the viewing parties and excitement, the SQAD Data Team took a dive into the upfront data for the NBA Final Games to analyze cost trends from the past several years.

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DATA REPORT: Ad Cost Trends for “Roseanne” Reboot

The SQAD Data Team pulled numbers from our MediaCosts: National data to show trends related to advertiser engagement around “Roseanne”.

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‘Roseanne’ Has Short Second Life — By The Numbers

SQAD, the advertising research company, says a 30-second commercial in the first three original nights of the show averaged…

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SQAD MediaCosts: Local Cable TV Data includes 210 local markets

We’ve expanded your cost transparency visibility coast-to-coast by integrating all 210 DMA’s into the research data.

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Ad Cost Impact Analysis: Upfront TV Ad Sales

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COST REPORT: The Impact of Upfronts on Networks

The SQAD Data Team jumped into our numbers to show recent examples that illustrate both the positive and negative effects of Upfronts on a network.

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DATA REPORT: Is “Megyn Kelly Today” Costing NBC Ad Dollars?

Since Megyn Kelly made her transition from The Kelly File on Fox News to Megyn Kelly Today on NBC, many outlets have reported ratings declines for the 9:00 AM Today Show block. The question posed to our Data SQAD is, “What is the financial impact of Megyn Kelly Today for NBC?”

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IAB says digital ad revenues up 21% to $88B in 2017. Left unsaid: The duopoly dominated that growth

CPMs also increased in 2017, according to data from shared by the IAB. CPMs for in-stream video were up 3 percent 2017 year over year to $25.22…

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NBC While Ratings Challenged, Megyn Kelly Today Is Boosting NBC’s Bottom Line

SQAD, an advertising research, analytics, and planning company, found the per unit cost to advertise on the show is on the rise…

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