Fox’s Women’s World Cup final ad spots went for US$506k

.../was also almost double the US$256,262 that Fox brought in per ad when the US women’s national team (USWNT) won the international tournament in 2015, beating Japan 5-2 in the final...

Women’s World Cup team has set a new standard in sports

Fox was able to charge more than $506,000 per 30-second commercial in the women's final, according to the data firm Sqad, while the men's final the previous year brought in $437,000...

Report: CNN Is Seeking a $300,000 Commitment Upfront…

Compare that with a 30-second ad in CNN’s prime time daypart, which over the last few months has cost between $7,000 and $12,000, according to SQAD MediaCosts

CNN Seeks $300,000 Commitment To Buy Ads…

A 30-second ad in CNN’s primetime programs has over the last few months cost between $7,000 and $12,000, according to SQAD MediaCosts...

Hulu: CPM Pricing Sinks, Overall Ad Revenues Climb

SQAD, the advertising media cost research company, said Hulu’s CPM pricing in the fourth quarter of 2018 was $25.84. Since fall 2018 “high average price” in terms of CPMs has been declining. It was $48.48 in October 2018 and $38.37 in November 2018.

Hulu Ad Prices Eroding at Double Didgit Rates

...advertising rates appear to be languishing [for Hulu], according to a Research Intelligencer analysis of CPM data from SQAD MediaCosts: Digital database.

CBS Sells Out Commercial Inventory for Super Bowl

SQAD in the news at Broadcasting & of Jan. 30, one of this year’s Super Bowl 30-second spots was purchased for as much as $5.526 million.

NBC Cancels ‘Megyn Kelly Today,’ Took In $180M In Ad Sales

Over the past year, SQAD says the show’s 30-second unit commercial pricing for “Kelly” was at a high November 2017, over $18,000, to a low of around $13,500...

MSNBC, CNN Make Scatter Pricing Gains, Fox Still Tops In Viewing

Fox News Channel still commands the top spot in terms of viewership, with rising ad revenue, but MSNBC and CNN have been making sharper 30-second commercial pricing gains in the first half of this year.

World Cup final ratings flop for Fox

Advertisers paid between $399,451 and $475,963 for 30-second sports during the broadcast of the final match, according to SQAD, a research company.

World Cup Expects Lower Unit Pricing, Fox Earns Higher Revenues Overall

Research company SQAD says advertisers have paid between $399,451 and $475,963 for 30-second spots during the broadcast of the championship's deciding contest.

Fox Nears Sellout for World Cup Final Match

Research company SQAD said that through Wednesday, advertisers had paid between $399,451 and $474,963 for 30-second spots during the World Cup Final...

Fox Getting Up to $475K for World Cup Final Ads

Research company SQAD says advertisers have paid between $399,451 and $475,963 for 30-second spots during the broadcast of the championship's deciding contest.

ABC Heats Up Summer

According to SQAD, the advertising research company, ABC has also posted top results this summer for “The Bachelorette” in terms of 30-second unit pricing...

Here’s How Much It Costs to Advertise in This Year’s NBA Finals

Purchasing an ad for Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals wasn’t cheap. The high ad rate was $829,577, with a low rate of $690,909. That’s an upfront unit cost of $760,243.

‘Roseanne’ Has Short Second Life — By The Numbers

SQAD, the advertising research company, says a 30-second commercial in the first three original nights of the show averaged...

IAB says digital ad revenues up 21% to $88B in 2017. Left unsaid: The duopoly dominated that growth

CPMs also increased in 2017, according to data from shared by the IAB. CPMs for in-stream video were up 3 percent 2017 year over year to $25.22...

NBC While Ratings Challenged, Megyn Kelly Today Is Boosting NBC’s Bottom Line

SQAD, an advertising research, analytics, and planning company, found the per unit cost to advertise on the show is on the rise...

MSNBC, CNN Make Unit Pricing Gains, But Fox News Slips

Prime-time shows on MSNBC and CNN shows have seen modest to big double-digit percentage hikes in the average 30-second commercial unit price, according to SQAD...

Ad Prices On Fox’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’ Fall In The Wake Of Advertiser Boycott

The average price for a 30-second spot on The Ingraham Angle for the week of April 9 to April 13 was $11,305-$13,405, compared with $12,310-$14,732 during the week of March 26 to March 30, according to SQAD, a company that provides advertising analytics and planning tools.

The Laura Ingraham Ad Boycott Is Still Going, But Fox News Isn’t Budging

SQAD said that Ingraham's show has seen previous, week-over-week drops in price throughout the first quarter of the year...

College Hoops Final Game Spot Price up 3%: SQAD

Prices for commercials during the men’s college basketball championship game hit a record this year, ranging from $1.427 million and $1.712 million for a 30-second spot on TBS, up 3%, according to research company SQAD...

March Madness Grows 5% In National TV Ad Dollars, Ratings Down

...the average cost for a 30-second commercial simulcast on Turner's three networks ranged between $1,427,120 and $1,712,231. This is a 3% jump...

WSJ: CMO Today – April 3rd 2018

TBS’s ad sales team was probably celebrating, too. The average cost for a 30-second spot during the game ranged between $1.4 million and $1.7 million, a 3% jump over last year, according to media-research firm SQAD...

Inside E!’s Scramble to Save the Red Carpet in the Age of #MeToo

According to data from SQAD, which tracks media costs, the network is charging $35,000 to $41,000...

NBCU Said It Delivered Gold On ‘Best February Ever’ With Super Bowl, Olympics

Opening Ceremony spots trend much higher, with the average cost for a 30-second ad during the 2018 opening ceremony ranging between $544,865 and $665,946, according to...

On Disruption And Destabilization In TV

Demographic values vary greatly across Nielsen’s 210 designated market areas (DMAs), with SQAD high-average prime CPMs for adults 18-49 in 1Q topping $1,500 in Glendive, Mont., Nielsen’s smallest DMA

Prices for Olympic Games Spots Mixed, Says SQAD

NBC is getting between $538,499 and $650,241 per 30 second spot, down1.8% from what it got for the Sochi games, according to SQAD MediaCosts: National (NetCosts)

NFL Sees Lower Sept. Scatter TV Ad Deals

SQAD says that across all NFL broadcasting networks, there was an average decline of 6.7% in September compared to the same month in 2016.

Ad Prices Down for Most NFL Broadcasters

SQAD says that so far this season, among the networks that carry NFL games, only NBC is showing an increase over last year in commercial prices.

NFL TV Networks See Generally Higher CPMs

By: Wayne Friedman September 11, 2017 ...CBS, Fox and NFL Network had major gains among adult 25-54 viewers in 2016, according to SQAD, the advertising research/analytics company. CBS was up 20% to an average $59.29

This Is Us Went From Being an Abandoned Film Script to a Breakout Hit

The show’s average cost for a 30-second ad, which had been $198,900 in the upfront market, leapt to $301,800 in scatter...according to data from SQAD MediaCosts: National (NetCosts).

Dismissal Makes Fox News a ‘No O’Reilly Zone’

"It is still too early to know how much, if any, Fox will lose or gain in ad revenue with O’Reilly‘s departure,” said Dan Klar, a VP at SQAD.

First-Year TV Network Programs Work Harder To Succeed

SQAD says “decisions are often based on more than just ratings—executives also take into account revenue brought in by ad sales during programs.” It adds that “a new program must bring in higher...

National TV Prices Firm Up In September: Cable Gains, Broadcast Erodes

On a year-over-year basis, national TV ad prices have also tightened, rising four points from September 2015’s 124 index. Most of that price expansion came from cable TV, while the broadcast networks lost ground.

A 30-Second Ad on Fox’s Empire Would Have Cost You Over $500K Last Year

Fox’s Empire easily topped with the list, with its $508, 115 average cost for a primetime 30-second spot more than double the runner-up, CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, which had an average cost of $249, 161.

The Improbable Economics Of Linear TV Addressability

In Q1 2016, the market intelligence firm SQAD projected the adult 18-49 high-average prime-time CPM across all 210 designated market areas was $82. In that same quarter, Nielsen demonstrated in its Total Audience Report that 276 million adults 18 to 49 years old in the US spent an average of about 54 hours watching live

National TV Pricing Erodes Marginally Heading Into May

On a year-over-year basis, national TV ad demand appears to be growing from last year. May 2016’s index rose 23 points from a 123 in May 2015 and is the highest May to date since May 2014, when the index as 160.

National TV Prices Firm Up, Reflect Tightening Of Scatter Market

The average cost-per-thousand (CPM) of national TV advertising inventory rose to an index of 145 in April, according to the RealCost Index, a collaboration of MediaPost and SQAD’s Netcosts services benchmarking national TV advertising costs.

March Sadness: TV Ad Rates Plummet, Send Weak Signal For Upfront Demand

The RealCost Index, a collaboration of SQAD that benchmarks their syndicated NetCosts data at 100 in January 2009, fell to its lowest point this year -- a 127 -- in March for the overall national TV ad marketplace.

Broadcast CPMs Rebound In February, Rise To Highest Level Since 2013

After crashing in January, broadcast advertising costs rose to their highest February since 2013, pushing overall ad costs up for the national TV marketplace in the second month of 2016. Cable ad costs, meanwhile, seesawed slightly, showing downward momentum on a month-to-month basis.

Sagging Broadcast Demand Drags National TV Ad Costs Down In January, Cable Continues To Build

National TV ad prices fell slightly coming into the new year after ending 2015 on a down note. Prices fell one point to an index of 126 in January, continuing a downward...

Subaru Suits Up for Kitten Bowl Debut

Last year spots on the Kitten Bowl sold for between $7,000 and $8,000, while Puppy Bowl spots sold for $12,000 to $13,000, according to advertising research and analytics firm SQAD

iSpot.TV Provides New Metrics To Track Ads In Real-Time

For its media revenue projections -- part of its existing research package -- has used data from SQAD to obtain spending estimates. SQAD provides with average advertising insertion costs across all networks.

National TV Ad Prices Surge In October, Follow Seasonal Demand Pattern

The national TV cost index rose to a 143 in October, its second-highest level for the month and the highest for an October during a non-quadrennial year.

How to Value ‘The View’

At the start of this season, The View expanded to five days a week, shooting live to tape on each day. That allows the show to take on the topics of the day every day, something that’s become essential in daytime.

US national ad costs rise in September

By: Michelle Clancy 24 November 2015 That’s according to a media cost index from syndicated data firm SQAD and MediaPost, which is benchmarked to a cost of 100 in January 2009. “Media is a cost-per-thousand

National TV Costs Edge Up, Driven By Broadcast: Cable Demand Sputters

The average price of a national TV ad inched up in September, but the gains appear to be coming mostly from rising demand for national broadcast networks, according to a new monthly media cost index being introduced today by syndicated data firm SQAD and MediaPost.

Tesla’s Best Celebrity Evangelist Emerges: It’s Stephen Colbert

On average, 30-second spots on the “Late Show” will average $38, 400 from Colbert’s debut through the end of the fourth quarter, according to media-cost forecaster SQAD LLC.

How the Late-Night Host Shuffle Has Changed the Price of Ads

According to SQAD NetCosts, which tracked quarterly 30-second ad prices in the adult 18-49 demo, CBS has doubled the rates The Late Show got as David Letterman was winding down his reign.

Money’s Coming To Video But The Industry Isn’t Ready

By: AdExchanger September 28, 2015 "On TV and Video" is a column exploring opportunities and challenges in programmatic TV and video. Today’s column is written by Kevin Lenane, general manager of video at Integral Ad

Will Colbert bring in younger audience for brands?

Adweek reported that advertising cost provider SQAD NetCosts placed rates at about $52, 000 per 30 seconds for late night leader NBC's "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" in the second quarter of 2015, while "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on ABC was around $24, 000.

Here’s How The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Will Shake Up Late-Night Advertising

By: Jason Lynch September 3, 2015 Comedy Central's longtime ad reign is over When it comes to late-night dominance among advertisers, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were the clear winners in recent years. But starting

Arby’s mocks itself in a good-humored goodbye ad to ‘The Daily Show’s’ Jon Stewart

By: Lara O'Reilly August 6, 2015 "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart has consistently mocked Arby's over the past couple of years. "Arby's — technically it's food, " Stewart has joked. "The meal that's a dare

Arby’s to Jon Stewart: No Hard Feelings

By Suzanne Vranica August 5, 2015 Over the past two years Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart has poked fun at fast-food chain Arby’s dozens of times in segments on the “Daily Show, ” routinely linking the

Fox Begins Upfront Deals For Next Season In Weak Marketplace

By: Wayne Friedman June 16, 2015 Fox has begun writing some upfront advertising business for next season -- but analysts say the marketplace appears to be weak overall and is moving at a slow pace.

Disagreement Persists Over Viewability Definition

Advertisers want more pixels in-view for desktop display ads, more seconds for video June 10, 2016 US digital display ad spending—on both desktop/laptop computers and mobile devices—will rise 21.8% this year to hit $27.05 billion,

Digital Video On Social Media Competing With Prime TV

By: Jake Loechner June 4, 2015 Marketers are expected to spend $7.77 billion on digital video ads this year in the United States, up 30% compared with 2014, fueled by the growth in video on

Most Media Professionals Reject Standard Definition of Video Ad “View”: Only 18% Agree Two Seconds Is Sufficient for Views

By: Richard Carufel June 4, 2015 Following on the heels of a STRATA study examining the debate around the definition of a video ad “view, ” a new survey of ad professionals by media planning software

Ad Pros Not Seeing Eye-To-Eye On ‘Viewability’ Standards

By: Tyler Loechner June 2, 2015 Perhaps one of the reasons why viewability is such a hot topic -- other than the fact that it’s irrefutable that an ad must have the opportunity to be

More than four-fifths of ad professionals disagree with ‘viewability’ definition

By: Michelle Clancy June 3 2015 A recent survey of advertising professionals found that 82% feel the current industry definition of a viewability for desktop video advertisements is insufficient. Only 18% of those polled in

Rejecting Video Ad View Definition

By: Pete Prestipino June 2, 2015 Eighty-two percent of advertising professionals feel the current definition of a "view" for desktop video ads is wholly insufficient, according to a recent survey by Sqad, a provider of

Viewability Standard Insufficient, Poll Finds SQAD survey favors increase to five seconds of screen time for online ads

By: Jon Lafayette June 2, 2015 The standard for online viewability of online video commercials is not good enough for most advertising executives, according to a new study. Current rules call an ad viewable if

City teachers union launches television ad campaign targeting Andrew Cuomo’s ‘damaging education agenda’

By Ben Chapman and Lisa L. Colangelo April 22, 2015 The latest salvo in the battle between Gov. Cuomo and the teachers unions was launched Tuesday when the educators kicked-off a multi-million dollar television ad

Cable TV Affects In-Stream Video

MediaPost April 9, 2015 Traditional cable and network TV content continues to heavily influence digital in-stream video media prices, according to a new report. Media planning software provider SQAD says, for example, that "many of

Cable TV Influences In-Stream Video Prices

by Wayne Friedman April 8, 2015 Traditional cable and network TV content continues to heavily influence digital in-stream video media prices, according to a new report. Media planning software provider SQAD says, for example, that

Adapting With The User; Facebook Still Rules The Social Roost

by AdExchanger  April 6, 2015 Captive Mobile Video Audiences Writing for Adweek, Google’s head of display (and now YouTube ad products, too), Neal Mohan, says TV consumption habits have evolved and brands must adapt. “Our

Ad Market Saturates, Costs Begin Deflating: Even Prime-Time Not Immune

By: Joe Mandese April 3, 2015 In what could be the first material sign that even network prime-time TV is not immune from the physical laws of a rapidly expanding media universe, the average cost

Media cost and forecasting data supplier SQAD has appointed Nielsen veteran Tim Dolson as Director of Research.

February 20, 2015 From its operations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Evanston, IL, Manila, and London, SQAD offers clients business intelligence to help them plan and manage their advertising investments. In addition, the company

Why And How You Can Make Vital Team Building Actually Work

Team building is no longer just a feel-good concept delivered through well-meaning but ill-planned corporate exercises. Here’s why it works—and how you can do it, too. By Elaine Pofeldt Welela Haileselassie found herself working far

Marketers Look to Digital as Cure-All

P&G, Unilever Put Faith in the Healing Power of Digital By Jack Neff, E.J. Schultz February 9, 2015 It's no longer just the bright shiny object of marketing: Digital is fast becoming finance's silver bullet.

Marty Hayden, vice president at SQAD, appears on Bloomberg Radio’s "Taking Stock" to discuss Super Bowl advertising.

Why so many Internet ads are never seen

By: Jonathan Berr December 3, 2014   More than half of all Internet ads don't capture any eyeballs, underscoring the difficulty facing both publishers and marketers in capturing the public's attention in the increasingly fractured media

‘Serial’ Is The Hottest Show Of The Fall — Do Marketers Need a Podcast Strategy?

By: Steven Perlberg November 5, 2014   On Feb. 9, 1999, the body of Hae Min Lee — a high school student in Baltimore County who had disappeared about a month earlier — was found

Present-Day Agencies Scoop Up ‘Mad Men’ Spots

Nearly half of the commercials in the series finale already sold By: Jon Lafayette November 3, 2014 Quick as you can say Harry Crane, half of the 30-second commercials in the finale of Mad Men have been sold. 

Zombies Mean Green

B&C analysis: Overshadowed by acclaimed hits, 'The Walking Dead' powers AMC’s bottom line By: Jon Lafayette October 13, 2014 The Walking Dead is a monster. The AMC series, which was scheduled to return for season

Why TV Hit ‘Longmire’ Got Canceled: Fans Too Old

Detective Show Is Latest Victim of Industry's Focus on Young Viewers, Content Ownership By Joe Flint September 11, 2014 When a television show is consistently popular, its reward usually isn't getting canceled. But that is

SQAD buys Workhorse Software

SQAD, which is backed by Clarion Capital Partners, has acquired Workhorse Software. Financial terms weren’t announced. Evanston, Ill.-based Workhorse develops media planning and plan management tools. Metronome Partners provided financial advice to Workhorse. PRESS RELEASE TARRYTOWN, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SQAD, the

SQAD takes over ad planning firm Workhorse Software

US media cost forecasting company SQAD has completed its acquisition of domestic advertising planning software firm Workhorse Software for an undisclosed sum. Workhorse Software's key offering - cloud-based media planning management software Mediatools - is used by

SQAD buys Workhorse Software

It’s not just media sellers and advertisers who are adapting their businesses to new multimedia campaigns, so too are vendors.  The media pricing tracking service SQAD has struck a deal to buy the media planning

Why Buying Time On Mad Men May Not Help Advertisers Reach Mad Men Viewers

Many marketers covet the kind of upscale viewers who watch buzzy cable dramas like “Mad Men” and “The Walking Dead.” But the best place to reach them might be, well, not during either “Mad Men”

Changing the TV Ad Game — How One Major Broadcast Net Is Mining Gold From a Former Wasteland

June 30, 2014 With the competition for ad dollars in television tighter than ever, broadcasters can no longer afford to essentially go dark during the summer months, and CBS's scripted summer hit "Under the Dome"

For Premium CPM Prices, the Only Way Is Up

For Premium CPM Prices, the Only Way Is Up Performance focus widens gap between premium and nonpremium inventory June 26, 2014 In the desktop display space, viewability, programmatic advertising and a more performance-conscious approach to

TV Upfront Ad Market Stirs: Networks Making Deals At Modest Price Gains

By Wayne Friedman, June 4, 2014 TV’s upfront advertising market has started to move, with virtually all broadcast networks in the deal-making process -- with advertising viewer prices more or less in line with modest growth

Online originals face battle to win over advertisers’ hearts

By Emily Steel in New York April 18, 2014 Jerry Seinfeld rides in cars with comedians; Sarah Jessica Parker goes behind the scenes of the New York City Ballet; Seth Meyers stars as a cartoon superhero –

AOL joins the rush for exclusive video online

By JONATHAN BERR April 16, 2014, 6:15 AM AOL (AOL), which teetered on the edge of irrelevancy not long ago, is trying to assert itself in a media corner that has Madison Avenue and Hollywood

Business Day PM

Business Day PM

How Big a Difference Do 4 Days Make to TV Ratings?

How Big a Difference Do 4 Days Make to TV Ratings?

Programmatic Advertising: A Fool’s Wager for AOL?

by Jonathan Berr | April 1, 2014 AOL (AOL) Chief Executive Tim Armstrong is making a big bet on programatic advertising to help keep the ol’ Internet giant ticking. Unfortunately, a number of other companies are

Report: Cable buys more efficient than online

When it comes to reaching people age 18-49, cable TV is a more efficient buy than streaming video ads. That’s according to the cost forecast firm SQAD, which found the average CPM for in-stream video

In-stream Online Video Ad CPM Higher than Cable Prime Time?

Here's a bit of news coming out of a company I have never heard of called SQAD (apparently pronounced squad, considering that cable advertising has been outside my wheelhouse I am not surprised, but they

Advertising and marketing

Online video ads cost 38 percent more than cable, report says March 27, 2014 | By Jim Barthold SHARE Cable advertising types worried about losing ground to online video may be heartened to know that

With Online Video, Advertisers Don’t Always Get What They Pay For

By Jack Marshall March 25, 2014 In the world of digital media, video is a hot commodity. But when it comes to purchasing online video ads, marketers may not always get what they pay for.

Online Video Ads Are Half the Price of Primetime Network TV

By JACK MARSHALL March 24, 2014 Buying ad time on Web video is more expensive than on cable channels. But the major broadcast networks remain by far the costliest real estate for video advertisers, according

NBC’s Olympic Coverage Places It Top In Q1 Ad Revenue

The United States generally vies for the top of the medal chart in both the summer and winter games. While that wasn’t the case for decades, the fact remains that it is now the case,

Broadcasting and Cable

Exclusive: GE Signs As Early Sponsor Of Fallon’s ‘Tonight’ Brand integration planned in show’s first week  2/14/2014 08:00:00 AM Eastern By: Jon Lafayette The new Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon will start off plugged into

The Big Money Behind the Big Game

The Big Money Behind the Big Game

Sirius Shares Climb Above Buyout Offer From Malone’s Liberty

Sirius XM Holdings Inc. shares climbed above the buyout offer from its majority owner Liberty Media Corp., signaling that investors expect the bidder to sweeten its offer. Liberty, which already owns about half of the satellite-radio