Actionable Media Plan Data Intelligence

We have a broad & complex brand media strategy spread around the globe; we need data on all of our initiatives at any given time.

Our management & planning teams have been empowered by the rich data reporting in MediaTools.

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MediaTools Use Case Spotlight

Stakeholders Need Actionable Data

A major health & beauty company has agency partners spread around the globe managing more than a hundred brands. The company needs standardized data and reporting from all its agency partners to ensure campaign success, including reports by brand, region, currency, and media type for any time period. They also need the flexibility to compare brand campaigns in real-time by market.

MediaTools Dynamic & Flexible Reporting

Thanks to the power of ViewReports in MediaTools, this company got instant access to real-time dynamic reporting with granular detail on every piece of flowchart data, across every partner agency. 

Thanks to the back-end mapped hierarchies matching the global property names the company is running customized reports using unique data points and making on-the-fly conversions from regional naming conventions and currencies.

Managers are able to define all key metrics in a single report and refresh the saved reports with up-to-the-minute flowchart data from the database.

Customizable Report Template Builder

Create custom report templates by setting the measures, time periods, and properties displayed within the report, as well as filter in and out any specific fields.

Custom Data Visualizations

Visualize your campaign results across the entire agency partner group through easy-to-read trends and weighted data graphs.

Customized Data Roll-Ups

Get up-to-the-minute insights and intelligence across all connected agency media plans in one customized report view showing any combination of system metrics.