Data Consistency for Media Planning & Agency Collaboration

Every one of our partner agencies are processing their campaigns in a different way and we have no way to easily review and compare the data.

MediaTools provided us with a unified platform that allowed us to easily see the performance metrics for each agency.

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MediaTools Use Case Spotlight

Partner Divisions Have Their Own Process

With dozens of contracted agencies focused on regional advertising campaigns, a leading consumer technology company was struggling with an endless stream of Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, emails, and CSV files being submitted by their partners. Not only were all of these documents formatted in a different way, they all used different terminology, and were highlighting different metrics. The company was spending hours sifting the reports and still had no clear picture.

MediaTools Empowers Collaboration

Thanks to MediaTools, the company implemented a unified data processing system that standardized the performance visualization across their partner network. 

The planners at each agency input their data directly into the centralized and secure database; allowing the agency to plan, manage, and execute their unique ad strategy while the corporate brand managers have full cross-agency visibility into the contributed data. 

Thanks to the incredibly robust security protocols, local agencies have access to their own critical data, without cross-agency data leakage.

Roll Up Data Synchronization

Connect your entire agency network of media planning activity and roll-up activity (planned and actual) for reporting, optimization, and analysis.

Consistent Visual Formatting

Predefine formatting - like colors, captions, and subtotals - in a flowchart template to create global consistency across all connected partners.

Automated Data Calculations

Increase efficiency and eliminate errors with key metric calculations by creating standardized data input rules.