Efficient Media Management with Easy-To-Use Workflows

We needed our teams across the globe to have a fully collaborative tool that transitions seamlessly between currencies & terminology.

MediaTools gave us incredible flexibility to manage our global teams.

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MediaTools Use Case Spotlight

Global Planning Teams are Stressing Out

A large packaged goods brand was bogged down because their planning process was inefficient. Without global plan standardization it was not easy to bridge the needs of the various regional agency teams around the world. They were juggling different budgets, flowchart versions, & currencies without any reliable consistency; causing countless hours of lost productivity. They were stuck without a centralized system for efficiently managing multi-regional advertising.

MediaTools Efficiently Reclaims Productivity

With MediaTools, this company discovered the planning process can be an efficient and stress-free experience. Thanks to the power of this advanced media management powerhouse, their planners can easily create and manage multi-country flowcharts through a single unified database.

Each region plans and flights in their own local currency and naming conventions while global management teams have full cross-team transparency.

Even more impressive are the robust security protocols. This ensures teams have access to their own critical data, without cross-team data leakage.

Drag & Drop Flight Creation Tool

Simple drag & drop flight drawing tools allow for easy and intuitive plan drawing and visualization.

Automated Data Calculations

Increase efficiency & eliminate errors with key metric calculations from standardized data inputs.

Local Currency Conversion

Allow planners to work in their local currency and convert to a common currency in flowchart subtotals.