End-To-End Media Plan Audit Transparency & Digital Papertrail

Our brand managers need a way to easily approve and track their planned dollars, because we’re being drowned in piles of emails.

The Approval Center gave our team the ability to easily approve or reject planned media activity and saved lots of time for everyone involved.

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MediaTools Use Case Spotlight

Brands & Agencies Need Accountability

A multi-national pharmaceutical company is trying to juggle the planning activity generated by their agency partners around the world. They need to manage & track the advertising dollars being spent through multiple agencies, but their disjointed approval process is inefficient for dealing with the different countries, brands, currencies, and budgets. They are stuck in an auditing nightmare that costs time and money for stakeholders throughout the process.

MediaTools Gives Flexibility & Transparency

By implementing the MediaTools Approval Center throughout their organization, the company is tracking every single dollar planned globally by their many agency partners. They can easily approve or reject flowcharts and authorizations. 

Because approval sequences are highly customizable, multiple approval paths have been crafted to accommodate each brand’s unique corporate structure. 

All of the steps in their approval chain are now centralized in a scalable cloud server, which increases efficiency while being fully trackable and auditable.

Plan Summary Details

All of the most relevant plan details are easily viewed in the summary tab by simply selecting a submitted plan.

Easy Plan Navigation

Easily find and review submitted plans by their approval status with one-click navigation.

Permission-Based Access

Individual access levels inform what can be seen in the Approval Center, thus securing your data while offering a clutter-free workspace.