Multi-Agency Transparency for Media Management

There are dozens of partner agencies spread around the country, and it’s virtually impossible to get a clear picture of how each is performing.

With MediaTools we got unprecedented clarity across our entire partner agency system & found the new standardization made us more efficient.

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MediaTools Use Case Spotlight

Advertisers Need Standardized Transaprency

A leading quick-service restaurant company has a massive network of local agencies managing regional advertising. Each partner is using a unique process for planning, tracking, budgeting, and reporting on their campaigns. The brand management team is struggling to keep tabs on their advertising success because there is no standardized & unified system to report on the media plans of each independent agency partner.

MediaTools Creates Unified Standards

Thanks to the power of ViewReports in MediaTools, the company is suddenly able to run reports using unique brand-specific data points – converting regional naming conventions on-the-fly thanks to the back-end mapped hierarchies. 

They also enjoy instant access to real-time dynamic reporting with granular detail on every piece of flowchart data, across every partner agency. 

These reports are customized to show all key metrics in a single view and they can refresh the saved reports to pull up-to-the-minute flowchart data from across their agency partners.

Flexible Report Builder

Create custom reports by setting the measures, time periods, and properties displayed within the report, as well as filter in and out any specific fields.

Trending & Weighted Graphs

Visualize your campaign results across the entire agency partner group through easy-to-read trends and weighted data graphs.

Real-Time Agency Roll-Ups

Get up-to-the-minute insight on any/all of the associated agency partners in one customized report view showing any combination of customized metrics.