Apple’s Privacy Update: One More Measurement Challenge For Digital Advertisers

Research shows that most Apple device users are likely to make use of Apple’s privacy update to prevent in-app tracking and personal data collection. How the update will affect digital advertising remains to be seen, especially as the loudest protests are coming from tech giants like Facebook, who may be more concerned about effects on ad revenue.

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Why TV Advertisements Are Still Relevant

There is no denying that TV viewing habits have changed considerably over time. While online streaming platforms have become an increasingly dominant feature, there are still a lot of reasons linear TV is still relevant and should be integrated into marketing campaigns to achieve optimal reach.

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Digital and Linear TV Ad Spend: 4 Key Insights for Marketers

Both linear TV and digital video advertising are proving to be lucrative opportunities, with both platforms forecasted to receive an increase in ad spending – especially for digital ads in certain industries. Here are four things to keep an eye on.

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3 Digital Streaming Trends and How They Impact Marketers

Based on how digital ad trends influence content consumption among consumers, marketers must carefully evaluate and tailor their digital, mobile, and connected TV advertising efforts.

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