Boycotts and The Tucker Carlson Report

With the call for boycotting programs and personalities on television becoming a regular part of the media cycle, the SQAD Data Team decided to look in to the numbers for the latest subject of a boycott call, Tucker Carlson on FoxNews.

In looking at the impact of boycotts on his television program we wanted to see whether the program had been impacted, negatively or positively, by recent calls for advertiser boycotts.


Based on SQAD MediaCost National data, The Tucker Carlson Report has not seen any significant decrease in COMBINATION ad costs, as they are nearly double from a year ago. During this time, there have been at least two boycotts, yet costs for an ad continue to rise.Average Combination Ad Costs – Tucker CarlsonAd CostJul-18Aug-18Sep-18Oct-18Nov-18Dec-18Jan-19Feb-19Mar-19Apr-19May-19Jun-19Jul-19$0$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000$25,000

xAd Cost

In reviewing the trend average for combination (average of Scatter and Upfront ad buys) ad costs during Tucker Carlson’s program, we can see the following insights emerge:

  • Average 30-second ad costs reached $21,878 in July 2019
  • Ad costs were up 68% from the year before – $11,099 in July 2018
  • There were at least two boycotts between July 2018 and July 2019

In comparison, The Tucker Carlson Report also saw larger increases in total ad costs compared to other popular primetime programs, including The Rachel Maddow Show and The Ingraham Angle.

  • Average 30-second ad costs for The Rachel Maddow Show reached $10,044 in July 2019
  • In July 2018 Maddow’s average ad costs were $8,292
  • Ad costs for The Rachel Maddow Show peaked in November 2018, at $13,561
  • Overall, Maddow’s average ad cost has seen a 30% drop since November 2018

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