A 30-Second Ad on Fox’s Empire Would Have Cost You Over $500K Last Year

By: Erik Oster
October 17, 2016

Advertising research, analytics, and planning tool SQAD pushed out an analysis of the average cost of a primetime 30-second spot for the top-rated fall shows of 2015.

Fox’s Empire easily topped with the list, with its $508, 115 average cost for a primetime 30-second spot more than double the runner-up, CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, which had an average cost of $249, 161.

But while Fox had the biggest hit, ABC’s lineup had more depth, with How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal, and Modern Family each breaking an average of $225, 000 for a combined average of around $229, 000 per 30-second spot. Empire still gave Fox the lead in that category, though. Despite Family Guy and Scream Queens averaging below $141, 000, the combined average for the network’s top three programs was a little over $260, 000 per 30-second spot…

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