Arby’s mocks itself in a good-humored goodbye ad to ‘The Daily Show’s’ Jon Stewart

By: Lara O’Reilly
August 6, 2015

“The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart has consistently mocked Arby’s over the past couple of years.

“Arby’s — technically it’s food, ” Stewart has joked. “The meal that’s a dare for your colon. It’s like if your stomach could get punched in the balls!”

But Arby’s has been good-humored about the non-stop ribbing (no publicity’s bad publicity, after all) and the fast-food chain chose to round up the best of the abuse in a tribute ad that ran during the penultimate episode of the Stewart-hosted “The Daily Show, ” which aired on Wednesday night. Stewart is retiring after 16 years hosting the show.

“Not sure why, but we’ll miss you, ” reads the tag line.

Arby’s also created a separate 30-second spot dubbed “Arby’s last sandwich.”

“This is the last sandwich Arby’s ever wanted to make because it means he’s really leaving, ” says the voiceover. “This sandwich with double corned beef and deli mustard on marble rye. It’s for Jon. But also, it’s for all of us to eat at Arby’s whenever the sad thoughts come back.”

Arby’s told The Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today that it will also “be part of” Thursday’s finale, although it hasn’t bought ad time for tonight’s show.

Advertisers are forking out around $230, 000 for a 30-second slot during Thursday night’s show, which also includes a broader agreement to buy further air time on other channels owned by Comedy Central’s parent company Viacom, ad buyers told WSJ CMO Today. Brands buying space include T-Mobile, Bud Light, and movie company Weinstein Co., the report says.

Those ad rates are significantly higher than the average $46, 000 for 30-seconds “The Daily Show” demanded in the second quarter, according to research company SQAD.

South African comedian Trevor Noah will take over from Stewart as the new host of “The Daily Show” next season.

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