By: Michelle Clancy

June 3 2015

A recent survey of advertising professionals found that 82% feel the current industry definition of a viewability for desktop video advertisements is insufficient.

Only 18% of those polled in the survey from SQAD LLC believe the current standard, which states that desktop video ads are considered viewable if 50% of an ad’s pixels are in view for at least two seconds, to be an acceptable minimum amount of time.

Almost half (49%) feel video ads should be displayed for at least five seconds to be considered viewable, raising questions about the Media Rating Council’s current definition of viewability.

In addition to sentiment, the survey also asked respondents about their level of understanding of the new standards. The survey found that a minority of those polled could identify the industry standard for desktop display viewability. More than half (56%) responded that the current definition for desktop display ads calls for more than 50% of an ad’s pixels to be displayed for at least one second, while another 13% selected 25% of pixels as the definition. Only 30% of respondents correctly identified the definition, which is 50% of an ad’s pixels need to be displayed for at least one second.

“Attempting to tackle the issue of finding a standard definition of viewability is an extremely complex and difficult task, especially in the current dynamic and evolving media marketplace, ” said SQAD CEO Neil Klar. “Despite the challenges, it is reassuring to know that the IAB, ANA, 4A’s, and the MRC continue their efforts to achieve a consensus regarding an acceptable definition for all parties that accurately reflects the way digital ads are being viewed and consumed.”