By: Wayne Friedman
May 30, 2018

…Through the show’s brief returning run, “Roseanne” debuted to big ratings, then drifted lower — all as the show’s average unit 30-second commercial pricing soared.

SQAD, the advertising research company, says a 30-second commercial in the first three original nights of the show averaged $168,496, $142,367 and $107,967, respectively. (The debut night included two half-hour episodes, which were rerun on April 1).

SQAD’s “average” price was the result of factoring in “low” and “high” pricing, per the analytics firm.

National TV advertisers on ABC then witnessed dramatically increasing prices over the next several episodes: $182,960, $293,260, $176,643, $200,900, and $253,137. SQAD says the overall “high” price for “Roseanne” was $320,005 for episode six…

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