This Is Us Went From Being an Abandoned Film Script to a Breakout Hit

By: Jason Lynch
May 11, 2017

…Greenblatt was hedging his bets last summer, NBCUniversal’s ad sales chief Linda Yaccarino was taking the opposite approach during her upfront negotiations. After the trailer went viral, “we were so confident in the show that we were what people might deem a little too aggressive for a new, ‘unproven’ show,” she says. Her team held back on upfront inventory, “because we were betting that it would do well and there would be momentum in scatter.”

That’s exactly what happened. After the strong early ratings and social buzz, “it immediately started showing up in RFPs [requests for proposal] and budgets as a must-have show,” says Yaccarino. The show’s average cost for a 30-second ad, which had been $198,900 in the upfront market, leapt to $301,800 in scatter, with season finale spots going as high as $402,000, according to data from SQAD MediaCosts: National (NetCosts)…

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