SQAD Benchmarks 2011 Top Display Sites and AD Networks

WebCosts Indices Showcase Cost Metrics for Digital Advertising

TARRYTOWN, NY, March 7, 2012 – SQAD, the largest independent source in the US for TV, radio and digital cost analysis, today announced the launch of WebCosts Indices that will be published on a quarterly basis. With a 47% increase in CPM reporting from 2010 to 2011, WebCosts data represents the most comprehensive and current database for digital advertising costs metrics on sites and ad networks. Ahead of releasing the first quarterly WebCosts Display Report, SQAD distributed to its subscriber community an annualized analysis of both the upcoming WebCosts Leading 15 Index and the WebCosts Composite CPM Index.

“We are working with our growing subscribing community of digital industry professionals to deliver the most realistic understanding of display ad value, ” said Tom Adams, Director of WebCosts at SQAD. “Our display Indices reveal trends that are built on the aggregation of buy side activity, as are all of SQAD’s media cost databases. Subscribers to WebCosts can access actual display cost data that can be organized to assess history and build baseline measures for negotiating rates or planning analysis moving forward.”

 WebCosts Leading 15 Index

The WebCosts Leading 15 Index benchmarks CPMs of the sites that consistently rank in the top five for their category by participation and allocated dollars. WebCosts collects and measures data in 15 categories including: Automotive, Computers & Consumer Electronics, Corporate Information, Education & Careers, Entertainment, Family & Lifestyles, Finance/Insurance/Investment, Government & Non-Profit, Home & Fashion, Multi-category Commerce, News & Information, Search Engines/Portals & Communities, Special Occasions, Telecom/Internet Services, and Travel. On average, these fifteen sites reveal CPMs higher than those revealed in the WebCosts Composite CPM Index.

In 2011 the Leading 15 Benchmark sites in their respective categories include Edmunds.com, CNET, Conde Naste, Monster, ESPN, Disney.com, Wall Street Journal Online, AARP, MarthaStewart.com., Amazon, Weather.com, Yahoo, American Greetings.com, Wild Tangent and Expedia. Comparing the WebCosts Leading 15 sites for 2011 against 2010 there were eight that showed a decline in Average CPM and four that remained steady in its respected category and three that showed positive gains.

WebCosts Composite CPM Index

The WebCosts database includes digital buying information of more than the 300 sites across fifteen categories. In 2010 and 2011 digital buys provided to WebCosts revealed, using SQAD’s business rules and accounting for the growth and contraction of various properties, that 130 sites could   consistently be benchmarked month-after-month. Charting these same sites, the WebCosts Composite CPM Index provides the industry with an additional CPM benchmark for quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year analysis.

WebCosts indices reveal that Average CPMs in 2011 remained steady. Premium content sites are doing better than average. Categories with sites that showed more increases than others include Entertainment, Finance/Insurance/Investment and News and Information, while Auto and Corporate Information sites averaged declines.

For more information or a preliminary copy of the WebCosts Leading15 Index and the WebCosts Composite CPM Index contact tadams@sqad.com.

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