SQAD WebCosts Launches In-Stream Video CPM Reporting

Third Party Ad Cost Reporting for In-Stream Video Available to Digital Media Professionals for First Time

TARRYTOWN, NY (August 28, 2013) – SQAD, the leading independent source in the US for TV, radio, and digital cost reporting and analysis, announced today that it now offers in-stream video CPM reporting through its WebCosts platform, marking the first impartial in-stream video cost reporting database available to the advertising industry. WebCosts, a tool for Internet display advertising cost analysis that reports CPMs based on actual ad buys, will now include in-stream video data for dozens of websites dating back to the beginning of 2013.

“The addition of in-stream video reporting in SQAD’s WebCosts provides an important complement to our NetCosts (network TV, cable, syndication) and SPOT TV cost reporting tools. This is especially relevant today as online video is one of the fastest growing channels for media consumption. We are excited to offer this new capability to our clients and at the same time set an important precedent for the industry, ” said Neil Klar, President and CEO of SQAD.

In-stream video CPMs are available to SQAD’s WebCosts subscribers, who can obtain those CPMs at the site and category level. While more websites continue to be added to WebCosts’ database, some major websites in which in-stream video CPMs are already being reported include CNN.com. CBS News, Weather.com, Hulu, and Yahoo!.

The addition of in-stream video reporting capabilities combine with WebCosts’s existing database, which reports display CPMs for many of the most popular websites across fifteen categories. SQAD WebCosts also offers the Composite Group Index and Leading 15 Index, which provide two industry display CPM perspectives, serving as consistent market references based on actual buy-side activity. WebCosts has been reporting CPMs monthly since 2009. For more information on WebCosts, contact Tom Adams at tadams@sqad.com.

About SQAD

SQAD® is recognized as the industry standard media cost forecasting source for national TV (NetCosts™—network TV, cable and syndication), Spot TV, Hispanic Spot TV Plus, Spot Radio and the Internet (WebCosts®). SQAD provides reliable media data to advertising agencies, buying services, advertisers, television and radio stations, cable operators, program syndicators and Internet publishers. SQAD enjoys strong partnerships with market leaders in both data and analytics. Established in the 1970s, SQAD serves 1, 500 clients and is privately held.