Exciting News from SQAD!

Launching this month! SQAD will add Local Spot Cable data to the MediaCosts Platform. This data will allow for consistent and accurate benchmarking for planning and negotiating your local cable advertising.

Agencies & advertisers agree that Local Cable can be an incredibly effective way to reach your target demographic in specific markets; up until now there has been no industry standard providing consistent and reliable cost data for planning and negotiating your ad rates.

Starting with the launch of SQAD’s Spot Cable data product, you will instantly gain transparency in 100 of the top CPP & CPM markets.

We are excited to offer you a sample of the SQAD Cable Data- please download the information by clicking the button below. Email or call your SQAD Account Executive to get further information on the product and pricing. You can also reach us at 914-524-7600 or localcable@sqad.com.


SQAD MediaCosts: SpotCable

Accurate Planning
with cost benchmarking for Local Cable
Reach Your Audience
targeting 5 demos across 7 dayparts
Evaluate Viability & Cost Efficiencies
with real cost transactional data



CALL: 914-524-7600
EMAIL: localcable@sqad.com