SQAD MediaCosts: Local Platform Update

We’ve got some exciting news! Our Product Team just rolled out a big update on our MediaCosts: Local platform that allows for even more user-friendly ad planning and reporting.


The Report builder has been redesigned so research teams can generate reports with ease and efficiency. Now you can:

  • Make your selections all on one page
  • Easily mix and match Markets, Demos, Dayparts, type of metrics, etc. with a simple drag and drop selection process
  • Save even more time with Select All and Deselect All options that have been added to drop-down menus to eliminate time-consuming mass selections

In addition, we’ve added an easy-to-use cloning function to the Buying Strategy tool – you can now easily carry over GRP and Factor selections between strategy variations.



In case you missed it, we also released updates earlier this year on the Homepage and the Trend Reports. On the Homepage, we’ve added:

  • Easy access for Recent Buying Strategies
  • Quick drop-down access to:
    • Admin
    • Help
    • Profile Settings
    • A Help section in which you will find Training Resources that houses tutorials and learning materials

In the Trend Reports, you will find:

  • CPM measurements have been added – now users can now toggle between CPMs and CPPs when analyzing data sets
  • A new export function – allows you to export Trend Reports for deeper analytic analysis

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