DATA REPORT: PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

As we step into the arena of the PyeongChang Olympics, our SQAD Data Team started to dig into our MediaCost: National advertising cost data to see if there are any noteworthy trends for this year’s Games. We’ve made some interesting discoveries you might find interesting.


The average unit cost for a :30 ad during the 2018 opening ceremony averages between $544,865 and $665,946 – down 3% from the 2014 Sochi Games.

WEEK 1 -vs- WEEK 2

During the PyeongChang Games, CPMs (Cost Per Thousand) for Women aged 25-54 are seeing a 25% week-over-week decline, averaging between $152.22 and $179.06 in Week 2.


Compared to the 2014 Games, Primetime Household CPMs for the PyeongCheong Games are up 30%, averaging $49.78 – $60.72.

Primetime CPMs for Men 25-54 during the PyeongChang Games fell nearly 15% from 2014, averaging $94.46 – $115.45.

2018 Primetime CPMs for Women 25-54 rose nearly 130% compared to 2014, averaging $189.08 – $228.78.

Targeting Women 25-54 during Primetime for the PyeongChang Games costs twice as much (averaging $189.08 – $228.78) than targeting Men 25-54.


Weekday Primetime CPMs for Adults 25-54 for the PyeongChang Games are up 40% from the Sochi Games, averaging between $75.73 and $91.25.

Weekday Primetime CPMs for Women 25-54 during for the PyeongChang Games nearly doubled from the Sochi Games, averaging between $189.26 and $230.38.


The cost of targeting Adults 25-54 during Weekend Primetime for the PyeongChang Games is up 12% from the 2014 Games, with average CPMs of $85.88 – $101.42.

Targeting Women 25-54 costs 75% more (CPMs averaging $193.98 – $232.36) than targeting Men 25-54 during the Weekend Primetime viewing of the PyeongChang Games.


During the PyeongChang Games, average Primetime ad costs on Weekdays are 3.5% higher than on Weekends.

Targeting male viewers 25-54 on Weekdays during the PyeongChang Games costs 20% more (CPMs averaging $139.04 – $165.54) than on the Weekends.

Weekday CPMs for Household CPMs during the PyeongChang Games average between $52.49 and $62.63, over 11% higher than Weekends CPMs.


Running a :30 ad on a Weekend Afternoon of the PyeongChang Games costs 17% more (averaging between $422,689 and $505,278) than for the 2014 Sochi Games.

During the 2014 Sochi Games, ad costs on Saturday were 33% higher than Sunday; but, the PyeongChang Games average around the same price for both days.