WebCosts – June 2016 Update

In January, WebCosts communicated to its subscribers that the foundation was being laid for the next generation of the platform. The next generation is a major undertaking and will initially manifest as new reports and insights, which will be added to the platform as we move through the year. Concurrently, the WebCosts product team is reviewing all aspects of WebCosts. This assessment will result in major changes that will continue to elevate WebCosts’ importance and utility as part of the digital advertising cost assessment and planning process.

The following improvements are new to WebCosts since January:

  • Trending Now Insights
  • The addition of Half Page to the Channel CPM IAB Report
  • The addition of CPC by Category Report
  • Upgrade of Methodology to allow for new cost reporting opportunities
  • Over 100 sites added to Channel CPM Report in March
  • New look and feel for a more engaging WebCosts experience

One of the more important endeavors related to the WebCosts next generation assessment process is data collection. The intent is to open up WebCosts data intake capabilities so that more insights, such as mobile costs, can be organized and reported.  WebCosts currently collects data from a number of server platforms, and we are working to expand the number of data source options. Working with our user community on naming conventions used in the buy documentation process will also be an important part of this endeavor.

If you are part of the WebCosts user community, we want to hear from you. You are the most important resource for, and impetus to, the next generation process.