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Struggling to find the real market value
of your media plan?

With SQAD MediaCosts, you can stop negotiating blind.


You only have cost information from your own historic purchases or the rate cards provided by the different outlets. You’re trying to negotiate the best ad cost price for your media mix, but you have a blind spot for:

  • Broadcast Television
  • Cable & Syndicated Television
  • Local Radio
  • Internet & Digital Media

You have no idea what the market is paying and you’re stuck with limited data and arbitrary values being presented by the channel sales team. Until now.

Say hello to cost transparency and negotiation
leverage with MediaCosts

MediaCosts gives you true transparency and negotiation leverage with real planned cost data provided anonymously by buyers from big and small agencies around the US and Canada.

  • Actual negotiated transaction data
  • Direct from housekeeping systems
  • Aggregated and anonymized
  • Holding companies, agencies, and advertisers
  • Actionable Intelligence

The combined data is aggregated to provide a real-cost grounding for your negotiations, so you can get the best value for the media, every time.

A Market-Validated Solution

Transaction data is aggregated directly from the systems of advertisers and agencies.



"Before we had MediaCosts...

we spent endless hours researching, predicting, and negotiating our media purchases. Not anymore."

- MediaCosts user

"Thanks to MediaCosts...

we’ve found the light switch and we are FINALLY able to negotiate the obstacles quickly and easily."

- MediaCosts user

Get access to more than $1.2 Trillion in advertising media cost transaction data

National Ad Costs

Granular US National ad cost insights that provide the most-trusted real cost intelligence for advertising benchmarking.



  • Broadcast
  • Cable
  • Syndication
  • Hispanic


Broadcast TV

  • 210 Markets
  • 67 Demos
  • 8 Dayparts


Cable TV

  • 210 Markets
  • 12 Demos
  • 7 Dayparts



  • Display Ads
  • In-Stream Video



  • 270+ Markets
  • 38 Demos
  • 7 Dayparts


Hispanic TV

  • 19 Markets
  • 9 Demos
  • 6 Dayparts



  • 99 DMA/98 CBSA
  • 40 Demos

Local Ad Costs

The most comprehensive local market advertising cost data research database in the world.


Digital Ad Costs

The only real CPM reporting for Display & In-Stream web video for the US digital ad market.


This is your TACTICAL MARKET Advantage


Historic Rate Trends

Get access to the most comprehensive, real cost analysis, and research tools to discover actionable market intelligence cultivated from billions of unique data points.

Cross Channel Optimization

Build focused and targeted strategies by fine-tuning your mixed local, national, and digital assets to get the most from your advertising budgets.

Projection Analysis

Utilize powerful analysis tools for weighted unit performance projections to create adaptive & responsive media strategies.

Be more transparent, accountable, trusted, and competitive with SQAD MediaCosts


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